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Welcome to Andean Birding’s Bird Lists and Trip Reports section. Here you will find updated bird lists as well as information about our latest trips and expeditions.

Bird Lists

  • Antisana Ecological Reserve Western Side
    By Charlie Vogt.
  • Buenaventura
    Compiled by R. S. Ridgely et al.; last revised (by RSR) in Jan 2008.
  • Cabanas San Isidro
    By Mitch Lysinger.
  • Canande
    Compiled by R. S. Ridgely et al.; last updated (by RSR) in Mar 2008.
  • Cerro Blanco and Vicinity
    By Tino Mischler and Dennis Sheets.
  • El Para
    By Charlie Vogt.
  • Galapagos Islands
    Birds of Galapagos Islands.
  • Guango Birdlist
    By Mitch Lysinger.
  • Intag
    Updated by Jonas Nilsson and Charlie Vogt, March 2004.
  • Jocotoco Reserves
    Total ca 640 species. 13th Sep 2000 Updated and corrected 22nd Feb 2001 5 Jan 2002. List compiled by Nigel Simpson from lists of visits to Jocotoco reserves 1998 to present. Data from RSR/NK/FS/LN/DA/JM plus GBWE/Best, Heijnen and Williams et al.
  • Jocotoco's Canande Reserve
    Compiled by R. S. Ridgely and D. Agro; last revised (by RSR) in Dec 2004.
  • Jorupe
    Compiled by R. S. Ridgely (last revised, by RSR, in Dec 2007). This list is still quite preliminary; the "upper area" has been visited only a few times (access being hampered by frequent landslides during the rainy season).
  • Kumanii
    Preliminary list of birds in the Kumanii Lodge area and Trinidad community, near the Cayapas river, by Olaf Jahn and Patricio Mena Valenzuela.
  • Mangaloma
    By Alejandro Solano and Agustina Arcos, July 2006.
  • Mindoloma Birdlist
    By Boris Herrera.
  • Napo Wildlife Center
    Bird species of the Napo Wildlife Center and Napo Wildlife Center Reserve Area. Updated August 2004. Prepared by Jiovanny Rivadeneira and Peter English. The list below contains only verified, confirmed species. A total of 562 species have been seen within the Napo Wildlife Center Reserve area, or in the immediate vicinity along the Napo River or on the river islands immediately adjacent to the Reserve.
  • Playa de Oro Birdlist
    By Olaf Jahn.
  • Río Palenque
    The "Centro Científico Río Palenque" bird list compiled by Ronald Navarrete and Félix Man-Ging.
  • Rio Silanche Bird Sanctuary
    Updated April 2008.
  • Sacha Lodge
    Revised and updated in July, 2001 by Lee Schel, David Hoddinott and Barry Thomson. This list is based on earlier versions by Schel and Thomson (1998, 2000), J.R. Fletcher (1996) and G. de Smet (original version).
  • Salinas Ecuasal Salt Ponds Birdlist
    Compiled by B. Haase and F. Hernandez in 2007.
  • Sani Birdlist
    Updated 2008.
  • Septimo Paraiso – Mindo Area
    Cloud forest reserve.
  • Tapichalaca
    Compiled by R. S. Ridgely et al.; last updated (by RSR) in Mar 2008.
  • Wildsumaco
    Constantly updated by Jonas Nilsson.
  • Yanacocha
    Compiled by N. Krabbe and R. S. Ridgely; last updated (by RSR) in Feb 2008.
  • Yuturi Birdlist
    Compiled August 1996 by Steve N. G. Howell, Sophie Webb, and Carlos Cuzme. Revised August 1998 by Steve N. G. Howell and Sophie Webb.



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