Client Comments

I just wanted to say thank you for helping me out, your page will be a great addition to the material I plan to reference during our club meetings and field adventures. I am very grateful for all the information and resources you took the time to post.
Susan Brown, Laramie Library, May 2012

Thanks Charlie for a great day birding Antisana , you knew where to find the specialties and great views of the Condors..
George MacDermid
Feb 2012

Highlights of our itinerary? …without a doubt – time spent with Charlie…A new country & continent for us; It exceeded our expectations…!
Greg and Lara Noel
August 2011

Thank you (Charlie) for an amazing Southern Ecuador trip...  So many beautiful birds, perhaps the Long-wattled Umbrellabird was the most amazing.  Thanks again for your skill and patience and we would definitely recommend Andean Birding to our friends. We have birded throughout the Americas and you were bar none the best guide we have had.
Maureen and Derek Winningham, Ontario, Canada, Mar 2011

Jean and I want to convey again our very big, very emphatic thank-you for a truly wonderful birding trip.  Your birding skills and knowledge of the natural world are awesome.  And your affability and good humor make being with you a great pleasure.  We had a terrific time.  Hope to see you again.
Dennis and Jean Casper, Sep 2010

Hello Charlie…you were my guide for 4 wonderful, bird-filled days in the cloud forest.  The visit to the Galapagos was great, my sister and I enjoyed it greatly, hope to go back to visit your area in the future. Again, thank you for an amazing time, you are a great guide.
Dec 2009

I would like to express my gratitude for a great trip October the 24 to Yanacocha, Bellavista and Mindo Loma and, especially, for professional and excellent guiding by Boris.
Carl Gustav Johanssen
Nov 2009

Almost a surrealistic experience to bird the Andes with you (Charlie). For such a short visit, you managed to fit me into several key enviro-habitats… It was a wonderful, fast and furious trip that without your and Sherry's support would not have been nearly as interesting or productive. I also feel that I may have, in some small way helped to support the Andean Birding effort to continue offering world class birding…Thank you so very much for your kind generosity and incredible birding savy.
Ed Armstrong
April 2009

Your (Charlie’s) guidance and support during our travels were most appreciated… you have a special gift and thanks for sharing your time with us. We certainly did see many wonderful birds!
John and Suzie Ruhl
Mar 2009

Great birding - fantastic scenic vistas. Jonas is not only a superb bird guide, he is also very patient with clients who have trouble seeing skulkers. He is very personable and a joy to be with in the field.
Bert & Heike Charest
Dec 2008

...excellent birding with a very good guide (Boris).
Tom & Jean Gibbons
December 2008

The trip that you organized for me was I think one of the best of my birding life. I especially enjoyed the part in the Andes with your wonderful, pleasant and experienced guide, Boris.
Claude Bloch
Nov 2008

Thanks for a wonderful trip. We very much enjoyed every part of it. We enjoyed very much traveling with Charlie (whom we consider to be a dedicated and inspired birding guide)!
Cathy & George Ledec
Sep 2008

I could really recommend Andean Birding which has Skilled and very nice guides and excellent knowledge. Furthermore You'll have no problem with language or logistics whatsoever with them.
Anders Jihmanner
July 2008

…the trip was terrific… we cleaned up and exceeded our own expectations. Boris' knowledge was very impressive. Thanks for organizing a wonderful trip - everyone was kind and friendly, and our guides know an amazing amount about the birds of Ecuador. I got 315 lifers out of the trip, which just blows my mind!
Jim McCoy July 2008

Roger did a superb job finding specialities and making sure we saw them (he was outstanding at that!). My friend, a neophyte birder, came away totally committed to birding. Roger was also an agreeable companion, and we learned a lot from him. Thank you!
Ricky Fortune
June 2008

Great birds, long bird list, exciting bird watching, beautiful scenery, very accessible …
Per Ovin April 2008

We will certainly be recommending Andean Birding to all our friends. Letters of commendation and bird images for your website will follow! We are already thinking of a return trip. I was completely overwhelmed by the species diversity! Thanks again and good birding!
Dave Hawkins Apr 2008

“Extremely interesting itinerary, super accommodation, nearly all the ‘super-star birds seen, crafts and culture aspects much enjoyed, guiding could not have been bettered. Tremendous a massive thank-you to Charlie for his dedication and professionalism We would recommend Charlie, unreservedly, to anyone.”
Ben Turner, Jan 2008

“Thoroughly enjoyable -- personal contact - small party - company - consequent comfort in travel… well nurtured by Charlie and Wilson and well supported by Sole - Thank you very much.” Peter Symmonds
Mar 2008

“The itinerary was well planned delivering a greater variety of habitats and birds than I had expected. It exceeded my expectations. Thank you, Charlie.I had a really enjoyable trip, with good company, and look forward to the next time!”
Simon Mair, Mar 2008

“Thanks for a terrific trip. The itinerary was awesome and the the way the whole thing came together was really great. The memories of those antpittas will stay with me for along time to come and just make me want to visit the north!”
Jeremy Hickman
Mar 2008

"Thank you for everything, we had a great time! What can I say? Wow! Tropical Doradito, Seedsnipe, Cock of the Rock, Lance bill, Hill star, Noble snipe and many tanagers beyond my imagination. We will definitely be back! Thank you, thank you!"
Juan Carlos Villa & Laura Venegas 2/08

“You are lucky to have Boris- he is very professional and very knowledgeable.”
John Strow 1/08

“The overall birding: It was very good. I … am amazed at the numbers…really did not expect to see 550 species just in the Andes more than 225 are new, that figure represents a great job on your (Charlie’s) part. ...the itinerary was great. Having looked at several itineraries in Ecuador I think yours is the best. The dips into the lower foothills really do give added value. As for the guiding we liked the pace and your attention to species we wanted to see. We saw a lot of really fine birds and are grateful.”
Paul Prevett & Candy MacManiman 11/07

"We were very happy with Andean Birding… and I will be happy to spread the word about Andean Birding"
Marci Fuller 6/07

"…you have a real find with Boris - he has an exceptional talent for birds and calls ... He also did everything he could on my behalf, and was always helpful and positive."
Kevin Schaefer 12/06

"Birding was great and we were overwhelmed by the number of birds… Jonas is wonderful with bird calls and is a great guide. We would like to thank him for making our trip memorable."
Kunal Basu 12/06

"Finally a big thank you to everyone involved. The trip was wonderful, a real birthday treat in all respects… all the guides, driver, arrangements, were great. Roger : extremely good and knowledgeable; keen to ensure that everyone saw each bird, worked really hard despite being ill for the early part of the trip. Jonas : excellent and similarly knowledgeable; worked really hard for us to pack as much as possible into the 5 days we were with him. 750 species recorded – All in 4 weeks! Of these, about 265 were life birds…!"
Phil Edwards 1/07

"I would rate our trip to Ecuador as excellently planned and executed.
Andean Birding sent [ample materials] so we had all the information we might have needed before we arrived.... We enjoyed Charlie immensely. He had a fine grasp of the calls of the birds and nearly every bird's call was available for replay from Charlie's i-pod almost immediately after a call was identified. Charlie also has other field skills... has good knowledge of the night stars and he has good knowledge of flowers and orchids."

Shane Woolbright 9/06

“Charlie, Thanks again for a great trip! You, the staff and guides at Napo really did an outstanding job of showing us the best of the highlands and the rainforest. I almost fell out of my hammock when Shane revised the count and it came to 494 species!”
Arthur Evans 8/06

"Thank you so much for your help and wonderful service - a real pleasure amid the flood of sub-mediocrity one normally comes across."
Phil Edwards 7/06

"(Jonas)...thanks so much for all of your help, expertise, and patience with our neophyte tropical skills during our 2-day tour with you... my memories keep returning to the tanagers, hummingbirds, and -- yes -- spinetails and tapaculos... your skills are indeed superlative."
Macklin Smith 6/05

" experienced birders we had one of the best times we have ever had and we would be comfortable recommending you (Charlie) as a top notch guide, knowledgeable and easy to be with...ditto for the driving skills!"
Garry George & Joseph Brooks 4/05

"This was a special tour that provided exactly what was requested: birds and habitats... Great experience! Lots of fun as well as meeting goals of the trip. Thanks."
Milton Weller 1/05
Aldo Leopold Award ‘97

“Better than “Excellent”. Everything about the trip was superb - accommodations, people providing services, food, and a lot of yet unspoiled natural beauty. Charlie was excellent, enthusiastic, patient, tolerant, and accommodating also nice... you did a great job of making sure we all saw the birds.”
Shelly Murphy 9/04

“I liked everything about the trip! We had a terrific time in Ecuador. Thanks again for a wonderful birding trip! You were a good and patient guide!”
Wanda Parrott 9/04

“We all enjoyed the entire trip. And we saw lots of birds-127 new for me.”
Ann Brodie 9/04

"Personally, running into the flocks and the excitement of them was fantastic! Again, the trip was fantastic! Your ability Jonas, to spot and hear the birds, was amazing! Good job."
Diane Kook 6/04

"Dear Charlie!...Anita and I really enjoyed our two tours with you! You were an excellent guide, not only expert on birds but also regarding the flora, which I appreciated very much. We really liked being together with you. Thanks again!"
Lars Johansson 6/04

"I think Jonas was unbelievable on hearing birds and bringing them in, very skillful. I would heartily and favorably recommend Andean Birding for birding trips in Ecuador."
Judy Meredith 6/04

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